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Our Roots
Organic Agriculture
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The Sacred Olive
The Mani

Naturally good food


The birth of an enterprise

The Bläuel story is a fascinating one - a story full of good will, great ambition and positive energy.

From our extremely humble beginnings in the late-1970s when Greece was still a somewhat distant and exotic land, to our present-day triumphs in a country which today sets an example to all its European neighbours, our story has a wonderful moral, for it is the essence of the human spirit and it is the endeavour for something better, something greater, in a world where much good is still needed and sought-after.

"What do olives have to do with all this?" you may ask. Quite a lot actually, if you consider the fundamental importance of good food and health, of agriculture, the environment, and rural society - attitudes, philosophies and ways of living which directly and indirectly affect us all on a daily basis. Where it was once the norm, organic farming has become a luxury, a specialty, a quirk, a radical thought, a sociopolitical tool. This 'new' way of thinking today gives us something better and greater.

The Mani groves: the world's best olives

BLÄUEL: Pyrgos-Lefktrou, 24024 Messinia, Greece. T: +30 27210 77711 / F: +30 27210 77590