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Why Koroneïki olives yield the best olive oil

For millennia, the olive tree has been cultivated and harvested for its special and unique-tasting fruit: the olive. There are many different kinds of olive trees and the olives that each species produces varies in colour, size, texture and flavour. This also applies to the olive oil they yield. Apart from being a delicious accompaniment to many dishes, olive oil is also the healthiest condiment available to humans and its medicinal properties have been long-documented and proven. For these reasons, certain kinds of olives are more prized and sought-after than others: amongst these are the renowned Koroneïki olives which grow only in Greece.

What sets the fruits and oil from Koroneïki olive trees apart from the dozens of other varieties and what elevates their quality to the highest levels, is the unique method of cultivation that is employed here in the Mani. Unlike many other crops, they are not watered artificially and they are pruned intensively once a year by trimming the branches quite severely in order to keep the trees small. Whilst elsewhere the usual oil yield is approximately 10 liters per tree, in our area the Koroneïki yields only 1 to 3 liters of purest green gold. Quantity is sacrificed to produce quality. The particular flavour, perfume and richness of the oil that these olives produce is very special and unique indeed.

The sacred olive tree

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