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The seeds of love


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away...

In 1980, the firm "Friedrich Bläuel" was officially registered in Kalamata. Fritz, who had moved to the Mani in the 70s, did something revolutionary in this area: upon seeing most of the unusually good quality olive oil bound for Italy in big silos, he sat down and started to fill individual bottles by hand. This soon prompted the really unbelievable support of the village inhabitants and, very quickly, a small manufacturing business evolved...

Burgi soon joined the effort and the small company flourished. The "Mani®" trademark was introduced soon after that and, once they had picked up momentum, the Bläuels brought to Greece what was then considered an entirely new concept: organized organic farming.

Bläuel company founder, Fritz Bläuel

BLÄUEL: Pyrgos-Lefktrou, 24024 Messinia, Greece. T: +30 27210 77711 / F: +30 27210 77590