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With kind regards from the sunny Mani, we bid you Kalimera! and welcome you to Bläuel and the world of olives, a world which we are certain you will find as special as we do. Bläuel roots stem back to the late-1970s and its organic cultivation program for olive trees has been up since the mid-1980s. It is the oldest and largest farming project of its kind in Greece and has been awarded many times recently and in previous years.

Perhaps you already know a lot about olives, or maybe you're only familiar with the basics... Do you know, for example, how many factors are involved in harvesting and producing extra-virgin olive oil of the highest quality? Or why Koroneïki olive trees yield the best olive oil on the planet?

In our pages, you can read about this and the broader benefits of organic agriculture. If you're just simply after some delicious, healthy condiments, sneak a peek at our products: we don't just produce organic olive oil! And if you'd like to buy something, hyper-jump directly to our e-shop.

Whatever your interests are for entering the world of olives, you can be sure to discover what you're looking for here: our web site is very comprehensive and informative. And if you can't find something, contact us! And if you are in Mani, come to visit us! We are always delighted to meet guests who are interested in our great endeavour. We hope to see you soon!

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BLÄUEL: Pyrgos-Lefktrou, 24024 Messinia, Greece. T: +30 27210 77711 / F: +30 27210 77590